Based in New York City, Mike Jean-Baptiste (a.k.a Mikey Mike) is a popular producer, and songwriter. Born in Carrefour, near Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Mike began his rise to become a very successful record producer and humanitarian at a young age. In his late teens, he was at the forefront of international music scene in Haiti.

Then in 1996, at the age of 18, Mike helped organize a trip by The Fugees to Haiti where they put on a historic concert to raise money for the country. Mike also accompanied the group to the White House at the Haitian capital in Port-Au-Prince, where he met with Raoul Peck and sat with Rene Preval, the elected president.

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Blessed with an impressive work ethic, he started his own record label in 2001 called Moonlight Entertainment with his old friends and partners Joseph Theus, Salvatore Albert Bazile and Henry Beausejour.
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